Bespoke Process

“Purchasing a piece of handmade keepsake jewelry with a substantial value should provide a more personal and intrinsic quality to it, that educates the customer on the craftsmanship, the hours, the skill and the people behind each piece.”

Our showroom serves as your private abode to assist you in bringing your custom jewelry experience to life.

The display holds most of our design prototypes from the last five years. These designs are your canvas and an introduction to the skill and craftsmanship of our goldsmiths. Through these ideas, you are able to discuss with us your specific requirements in a tranquil atmosphere over morning coffee or an afternoon of cocktails.

A soft copy mock-up of the final design will be sent to you after a few days for approval. Once the design is finalized, an order form will be emailed containing details of the item.

Kathy and Kathy Bespoke produces only made to order jewelry using either Gold filled silver, 14K gold, or 18K gold. We do not operate as a retail store and all display items are sample pieces and prototypes.

Although the showroom accepts appointments for individuals or groups, it is NOT a requirement should you wish to place an order, settle a payment or make a price inquiry. If you are more comfortable transacting via email or on social media, kindly refer to our Online Customer Order Process.

Every piece of Kathy and Kathy Bespoke Jewelry is in support of Filipino talent and artistry. Our designs are entirely handcrafted by local goldsmiths with the utmost skill and craftsmanship.

Welcome to our showroom!