Mingo for Iloilo

Let us find it in our hearts to take initiative and help our city of Iloilo.

As we are entering a time of utmost uncertainty, many of us can take comfort in our own homes but the reality of others is far from this. Many barangay residents in Iloilo City are now without means. As their livelihoods are placed on hold, many who live by on daily wages will soon become hungry and desperate. It is in these times that our empathy and compassion will be tested. How we are able to come together as a community despite our differences will ultimately save lives and prevent chaos.

In this regard, we are coordinating directly with the local government of Iloilo City so that every contribution you may give can directly benefit targeted barangays. We are doing this through MINGO meals. A readily available sachet of nutritious complementary food made of rice, mongo, and malunggay meant for infants, toddlers and older children. This provides them with the appropriate nutrition during times of disaster when supplies are scarce.

It is convenient, fast, and readily available through the NVC foundation.

We are appealing for pledges and donations so we may coordinate and deploy this much needed resource to identified barangays in Iloilo City ASAP.

For further information on the MINGO meals program, you may read about it more through this website.
@nvcfoundation @rialax

Any amount will go a long way:
Php 6.00/ sachet
1 box contains 500 sachets Php 3000

Let us come together in this trying time and do our part in saving the community!


STEP 1: Choose from these options

Option 1
Php 6.00 / MINGO sachet

Option 2
Php 3,000/ box (500 MINGO sachets)

STEP 2: You may deposit donations at:

Corporate Account
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: Bespoke by K&K Inc.
Account Number: 8063 0108 99

STEP 3: Kindly send us an image of your deposit or transaction receipt to:

Viber / Whatsapp: +63 917 719 9224
Facebook private message to: MINGO FOR ILOILO

STEP 4: We will text or email you an acknowledgement receipt for
your donation

STEP 5: You will receive an update report email once your donated
MINGO sachets have reached the barangays